Learning to read and write Thai, is a challenge, but now it just got whole lot easier, with Read Thai learning cards iphone app.

Reading Thai flash card app, will help you to memorise the Thai consonants and vowels, by breaking the alphabet down into digestable chunks and into the 3 different classes the consants are made up of.

The Thai alphabet consists of 44 consonants, 32 vowels and 5 different tones, learning Thai, is a tough, rewarding and pleasurable experience. Reading and writing in Thai, will massively improve your spoken Thai. Once you start to be able to read and write in Thai, you will be able to start to see and understand the correct tones for each word.

Each consonant has a name, as in English; a is for apple, b is for bat. When learning Thai, learning the names of each consonant can be very useful and infact is essential for learning to spell words. Reading Thai flash cards app, helps you to memorise these names.

Real Thai spelling has been used and a purposeful decision to not use phonetics has been made, as learning the phonetics can sometimes become a stumbling block later on when starting to learn the Thai alphabet. With a little effort, learning to read Thai, you will open up a whole new world around you in Thailand.


Reading Thai learning cards app -
Memorise all the consonants, vowels and numbers with ease.

Reading Thai flash cards app has been designed for students who have already begun their journey learning Thai language and has beeb designed to be used as a study aid. The app is organised into the following system:


  • Low class consonants
  • Middle class consonants
  • High class consonants


  • Non-stop finals
  • Stop finals


  • Long vowels
  • Short vowelss
  • Vowels chart
  • Thai number system
  • Test Yourself

Plans for future updates and support

This app was designed with the idea of an app to help me while learning Thai, and is an ongoing project. I want to create an app that I’d personally like to use every day. Future update plans for the app include:

  • Random word flash cards
  • Word 'look-up' with ability to add your own words; Thai/Eng and Eng/Thai
  • Word and sentence pattern kits
  • Visual tones chart

For more information, questions or ideas for future updates